Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing


  • Energy Saving Reflective Surfacing (Cool Roofs)
  • Water Based Systems
  • Seamless, Tough, Flexible
  • Economical
  • Manufacturer’s Warranties
  • U.L. Ratings
  • 25+ Year Track Record
  • Recover- No need for tear off
  • Polyester Reinforced
  • Lasts longer than the original roof and is upgradeable
  • Can be applied over: BUR, Modified Bitumen, Single Ply, Metal Roofing and Gravel


  • Low installation cost… no dump fees and less labor compared to other types of roofing. Most of your dollar pays for the roof membrane, not expensive labor.
  • No need to tear off your old roof exposing the interior of your building to damage from weather and debris
  • No hot asphalt – no flames – no fumes
  • Little or no disturbance of building occupants. Application is quieter with no heavy equipment
  • The smooth, seamless roof system is easily maintained. There is no gravel or granules to hide the roof surface
  • Saves money because the roof system is surfaced with an energy saving reflective coating which can:
    • Reduce Cooling costs in air conditioned buildings
    • greatly prolong the life of the roofing system
    • keep non A/C building interior cooler and more comfortable
    • Most systems meet the California Title 24 requirements