We believe that most re-roofing projects are excellent candidates for our Fluid Applied Roof Restoration systems. We believe that following are several reasons and benefits of using our of F.A.R.R system on your project.

  • On most roofs the actual area of leaks, problems or failure is less than 10% of the roof area. That means that over 90% of the roof is still functioning. After addressing these deficiencies and applying the Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing system the membrane will be reinforced and “put to sleep”.  The reflective coating stops UV degradation and thermal shock of the membrane.  The serviceable life of the roof will be extended many years and can be upgraded to further extend its life.
  • The ElastaHyde Acrylic (white) meets ENERGY STAR© requirements for energy savings.  Air conditioned portions of your roof may qualify for a rebate in the State of California. Even areas or buildings that are not air-conditioned can expect to be more comfortable during the summer heat.  A big “plus” for occupants.
  • The actual functioning of the roof system is more efficient because it has a smooth surface and water is evacuated much faster.  Due to the polyester reinforcements the membrane is very flexible and far tougher than the existing roof.  The asphalt emulsion that is used in the construction of the membrane has far better weathering abilities than the oxidized asphalt used in conventional built-up roofing systems.
  • The use of this system can prolong or possibly eliminate the need to tear off the existing membrane.  This is not only economical for the owner but it is good citizenship.  The landfills are overflowing and the State has mandated a reduction of landfill use.  This is a significant way to help achieve that goal.
  • The system can be customized to meet the needs of each individual building or detail.  The system can be applied over most types of roofing, including built-up, modified bitumen and single ply membranes.
  • The system is water based and is very safe.  There are no fumes or flames.  It is very light weight.
    There is far less disruption of the occupants or tenants than with a conventional reroof.  It is applied with efficient spray equipment.  There is no heavy machinery, either on the roof or on the ground.  Because it is light and fluid applied, there is very little noise.
  • The system is classified as maintenance repair.  Therefore it can be expensed completely in the present year.